Custom Framing


Framing is itself an art, and Amy Smith's creativity brings each individual piece to life.


From family portraits to original art, to shadow boxes, to one of a kind designs your expectaions will be exceeded.


The shop offers moulding  from supplies that include Roma, Larson-Juhl, Lyle Teague, South Star and CMI, as well as custom made frames.


Resin Pours

Digitalized photographs on canvas with a resin pour create unique pieces that highlight special moments and photos.


Visit our showroom and find out what we we can create to highlight your favorite pieces of art and special moments.


"Amy Smith continues to imagine the bumping of old and new worlds with her mirrors combining dreamy antiquity with modern edge. They are evocative and timeless, a quality I seek and have found in her works. Ever evolving, I try and stay close to what she's in development of lest I miss the next bit of magic."

Bobby McAlpine, McAlpine House

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