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Custom Framing


Framing is itself an art, and Amy Smith's creativity brings each individual piece to life.


From family portraits to original art, to shadow boxes, to one of a kind designs your expectaions will be exceeded.


The shop offers moulding  from supplies that include Roma, Larson-Juhl, Lyle Teague, South Star and CMI, as well as custom made frames.


Resin Pours

Digitalized photographs on canvas with a resin pour create unique pieces that highlight special moments and photos.


Visit our showroom and find out what we we can create to highlight your favorite pieces of art and special moments.

Edited Image 2016-01-19 19-19-28

Art floated on linen mat to highlight art


Scale mounted on wood panel

Edited Image 2016-02-25 20-50-42_edited

Art on canvas in floater frame


This lithograph is on painted glass, created to look like matting.


Art floating inside panel with lucite and architectural embellishment


Actual pages from a book, were then framed to appear as an open book


This piece of art has been placed against one of our heavy antiqued mirrors


Custom frame detail

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